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The true cost of transitioning

Transitioning genders can cost a lot—the prices of therapy, new clothing, hormones, name changes, and surgery start to rack up. Long Beach youth Abel Avalos explains his experiences with the … Continue reading

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California leaders speak out for public parks

California senators, assemblymembers, and citizens gathered in Sacramento to advocate for public parks. They explained the importance of these natural spaces for the community. “Your zipcode, and the hue of … Continue reading

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Our love is not so different

Merced recently joined San Francisco, New York, and others on the growing list of cities hosting Pride Week to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. Student activist Layla Ornelas shares her poetry … Continue reading

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Homeless people have it hard enough

Fresno City Council recently passed the Unhealthy and Hazardous Camping Act, allowing police to arrest any homeless people camping without permission. Edison High School’s Danyeal Escobar explains why this legislation … Continue reading

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How do you make sure your voice is heard? #FreeOurDreams2017

From September 8th through September 10th, the Neighborhood News Correspondent team covered the Free Our Dreams Summit at UC Davis. In this video report, four participants and organizers of the … Continue reading

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How online school worsened one young woman’s social anxiety

Family troubles led to anxiety, depression, and other mental health effects that made it hard for Sierra to participate in school. An online school promised an escape from the social … Continue reading

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New Contra Costa interim DA breaks down barriers

Diana Becton, the newly appointed District Attorney for Contra Costa County is both the first woman, and the first African-American, to hold the post. With criminal justice reform at the … Continue reading

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This Quiz Will Tell You If Your School’s Protecting You From Sexual Harassment

Schools are supposed to protect students from sexual harassment. Youth Radio created a quiz, No Excuses, that students (and parents) can use to figure out if their schools’ policies are … Continue reading

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The film industry and where I fit in as a young woman

An aspiring film director reflects on her introduction to the medium, her growing awareness of gender discrimination in the industry, and her determination not to let that stop her ambition. … Continue reading

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What it’s like to be a teen farmworker

The child of a farmworker in California’s Central Valley — accustomed to sleeping late — worked alongside her moth in the fields this summer. The difficulty of the work and … Continue reading

September 21, 2017 · Leave a comment

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