Recruiting Better Male Allies

“The women in my life have been supportive…But I’ve never felt like the men in my life were listening.” What does it take to have strong male allies in a #MeToo moment? Hear how one young woman is starting a conversation with men about their role in ending assault, from YR Media.

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Dear Mr. Governor

California Governor Gavin Newsom is in the process of signing or rejecting bills that have passed the state legislature and made it to his desk. They cover a range of issues from the gig economy to school discipline to rent control. In collaboration with some of our media partners from Sacramento to Long Beach, we […]

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Me, Myself And My Mental Health

YR Media journalists and commentators are trying to change the conversation about mental health as a shared experience and human right. Just because something is “all in your head” doesn’t mean it’s not real or worth talking about. YR Media’s young creators have developed a unique and powerful collection of reporting, personal essays, Q+As, resources, […]

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