Behind Our Masks

#BehindOurMasks sheds an important light on how #COVID-19 is affecting young Californians’ everyday lives. From education, to family, to employment, this pandemic has deeply impacted the younger generation, particularly young people of color who are experiencing a different reality than what is being shared in the mainstream media. This project is in collaboration between Boyle […]

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Health Warrior: Med Student Tears Down Racial Barriers

Medical student Bernadette Lim is fighting to tear down racial barriers in medicine. The 26-year-old founded the Freedom Community Clinic to provide “whole-person” care to BIPOC communities, combining Western medicine with healing practices. “Medicine only treats symptoms…We are inherently taught how to treat disease rather than uplift health.” Lim recently won a California Youth Award. […]

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Dear Joe Biden

What do young people across the country want to see from the Biden administration? A lot. YR Media asked 7 young people for their message for the new president. They talked about a range of issues from COVID-19 to climate change. Read their thoughts on YR Media.

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