Breaking Beauty Standards

With the body positivity movement, more people are speaking out about the toxic culture of body shaming. One of these vocal people is Merced’s Aaliyah Jensen, who writes about what it’s like to grow up as a teenage girl in the current era of Instagram models, photoshopped advertisements, and tabloid body shaming. “I want to […]

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Merced Celebrates Lao New Year

After 30 years without a Lao New Year celebration, Merced brought back the celebration with the help of a group of tireless advocates and volunteers. And to Merced’s Lao brothers and sisters, the event meant more than just dancing and singing. “Our generation is not dying out and they’re carrying on traditions. “I’m very proud […]

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For Merced Union, School Discipline is an Evolving Artform

A lot has changed in the Merced Union High School District since the days of corporal punishment. Although the nature of discipline is still changing, schools are moving towards more progressive policies. “Teachers and staff are now encouraged to look at a student’s complete behavioral pattern before determining an appropriate course of action.” Read more […]

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Our migrant story

With President Donald Trump’s recent announcement that he plans to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy, a massive backlash from across the nation has risen to face him. Merced’s Alejandro Murado shared a poem he wrote dedicated to all the Dreamers, praising them for their strength and encouraging them to continue fighting. […]

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