Merced Cesar Chavez Caravan March

In April, Merced Autonomous Brown Berets hosted a caravan march and a protest to support farmers, street vendors and essential workers who have been negatively impacted by COVID-19.“We have to realize that California’s economy is the largest in the United States. The reason being is due to its farm workers, immigration population workforce that contributes […]

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The Weight Of The Youth Vote

The 2020 election saw an impressive increase in voter turnout, particularly among young voters. According to young people interviewed in Merced, personal interest in political issues was a main motivator for choosing to participate in the election. “I feel like this election was a lot more than just voting for a president or voting for […]

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Atwater ‘Sanctuary City For Businesses’ Resolution Met With Mixed Reactions, Resistance

In an effort to be a “sanctuary city for businesses,” Atwater, California, with a population of roughly 30,000, decided to not follow any of the shelter-in-place orders placed by the state of California. Now the city has over a thousand confirmed COVID-19 cases, since the sanctuary declaration on May 15, as We’Ced reports.

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When Life Gets Canceled

As the coronavirus grew into a global pandemic, it quickly uprooted each of our definitions of what it meant to live a normal life. To be confined to our spaces watching the nation ultimately come to a jolting stop, we were forced to face the overwhelming and uncertain truth that life as we knew it […]

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Walk For Violence

Five years after her son was shot and killed in a gang-related incident, Gloria Aguirre is still fighting for safer streets. She led the annual Walk For Violence march this year, which memorializes the youth killed as a result of gang violence. “These kids need something to live for other than being shot at,” she […]

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Self-Care Across California

Given the stressful flood of coronavirus information circulating the news right now, we all could use a little self-care. Recently, California Youth Media Network partners AjA Project, We’Ced, The kNOw, Richmond Pulse, and YR Media documented in photos what self-care looks like for young people in their cities. See the photo gallery at YR Media.

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Not So Golden

There are lots of reasons to love the Golden State — from its stunning beaches and picturesque mountains to its entrepreneurial spirit, trailblazing laws and incredible diversity. But at what cost? “Not So Golden” offers a glimpse into how many California young adults are making it work. This California Youth Media Network project is a collaboration […]

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