Atwater ‘Sanctuary City For Businesses’ Resolution Met With Mixed Reactions, Resistance

In an effort to be a “sanctuary city for businesses,” Atwater, California, with a population of roughly 30,000, decided to not follow any of the shelter-in-place orders placed by the state of California. Now the city has over a thousand confirmed COVID-19 cases, since the sanctuary declaration on May 15, as We’Ced reports.

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COVID-18 Podcast – Episode 2: Cancelled

On the newest episode of COVID-18, host Rachel Livinal discusses the end of high school in the time of COVID. “A few days after [the school closure announcement], I started to get sad,” said one guest speaker. Listen to the full episode at We’Ced.

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When Life Gets Canceled

As the coronavirus grew into a global pandemic, it quickly uprooted each of our definitions of what it meant to live a normal life. To be confined to our spaces watching the nation ultimately come to a jolting stop, we were forced to face the overwhelming and uncertain truth that life as we knew it […]

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Walk For Violence

Five years after her son was shot and killed in a gang-related incident, Gloria Aguirre is still fighting for safer streets. She led the annual Walk For Violence march this year, which memorializes the youth killed as a result of gang violence. “These kids need something to live for other than being shot at,” she […]

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Self-Care Across California

Given the stressful flood of coronavirus information circulating the news right now, we all could use a little self-care. Recently, California Youth Media Network partners AjA Project, We’Ced, The kNOw, Richmond Pulse, and YR Media documented in photos what self-care looks like for young people in their cities. See the photo gallery at YR Media.

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Not So Golden

There are lots of reasons to love the Golden State — from its stunning beaches and picturesque mountains to its entrepreneurial spirit, trailblazing laws and incredible diversity. But at what cost? “Not So Golden” offers a glimpse into how many California young adults are making it work. This California Youth Media Network project is a collaboration […]

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