Song Of Death

In her award-winning poem, Taylor Yang explores the fear and desperation many immigrants face as they leave their homes behind. Read more at The kNOw. 

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Gender dysphoria is a reality that affects transgender teens every day. The American Psychiatric Association explains gender dysphoria as involving “a conflict between a person’s biological (assigned) sex and their gender.” It can be confusing and different for everyone. From The kNOw, hear one teen’s raw account on how he lives with gender dysphoria.

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Black History Built America

The kNOw Youth Media is highlighting various black figures who made amazing contributions to America in honor of Black History Month. To tell the stories of these groundbreaking African-Americans in history, Ruben Diaz, 16, created original drawings to pair with the backstories of these pioneers. See all the figures who are being honored this month […]

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Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed

Angel Vargas of Fresno didn’t just vote for herself; she believes that with her right to vote, she has the power to give voice to those who can’t speak up, like undocumented immigrants. “If you wish to change your community for the better, to improve not only your life but the lives of others, or […]

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