Examining My Own Blackness

Growing up, Ifeanyi Nwonye was surrounded by positive depictions of Black people in her home. However, that didn’t stop her from internalizing the racist messaging that comes with growing up in a white supremacist society. In this essay, Nwonye unpacks her relationship with beauty standards, high school social hierarchy, and race. Read the full commentary […]

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The Effects Of COVID-19 On Those Experiencing Homelessness

The coronavirus pandemic has ravaged communities worldwide, and for people experiencing homelessness, the effects have been particularly brutal. In Fresno, organizations like Fresno EOC have been working to support homeless individuals throughout the pandemic, though not without some risk. “One day you’ll see [lots of individuals willing to] wear a mask. Then you’ll see the […]

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In The Wake Of Destruction

Zofia Trexler grew up in a small house her father built in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. On September 4, 2020, she watched it go up in flames. In this commentary from The kNOw, Zofia mourns the loss of her childhood home, and reflects on the way her life has changed since she moved […]

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The U.S. Response To COVID-19

When the coronavirus first appeared back in December 2019, no one could have predicted the extent of its disastrous consequences. Looking back, it’s hard to see where it all went wrong. The kNOw reporter Lorena Bernal breaks down the immediate responses to COVID by public officials that lead to our current situation. “When COVID-19 was […]

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4th Grader From Polk Elementary Demands That His School Be Renamed

When Malachi Suarez, a fourth grader at Polk Elementary in Fresno, California, researched his school’s namesake for an assignment, he was disappointed to learn of the 11th US president’s racist past. Now, he is petitioning the Central Unified School Board to change the school’s name. “The majority of Central Unified students are children of color. […]

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Quarantine Culture

Mass protests over the last year have shown a dramatic shift in the way young people are taking action. Between navigating the virus, rampant police brutality, and an increasingly uncertain political terrain, student protesters have it hard. Luckily, one resource has proved to be endlessly useful: social media. “Social media definitely played a big part […]

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Online Learning: One Student’s Take

Online learning has been difficult for everyone. Alexis Zuniga, a student at Fresno State, knows this better than anyone. “I noticed my motivation and drive to complete my work had significantly decreased. I found myself becoming depressed and feeling lonely. This feeling, combined with stress, made completing that spring semester a challenge,” she said. She’s […]

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The Angel That Left Too Soon

Lauren Webb was living a normal life for a 21 year old. Then, her best friend died of cancer. In this heartbreaking note, Webb says her final goodbyes. “You are an inspiration to everyone you’ve touched with your contagious spirit. I’m so blessed to have the privilege to say you were my best friend and […]

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