My California Dream

In collaboration with some of our media partners from San Diego to Richmond, we asked young people in California to reflect on their “California dream,” and how it may be different from the aspirations of their family members who came before them. Here’s what they had to say. ALVIN ENGO, LONG BEACH “My father and […]

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“I grew up here. Everything I know and have learned is here.” A reflection on growing up undocumented in America, and being limited by not having a social security number —  the gateway to adulthood, and jobs from The kNOw in Fresno.

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Dear Mr. Governor

California Governor Gavin Newsom is in the process of signing or rejecting bills that have passed the state legislature and made it to his desk. They cover a range of issues from the gig economy to school discipline to rent control. In collaboration with some of our media partners from Sacramento to Long Beach, we […]

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Song Of Death

In her award-winning poem, Taylor Yang explores the fear and desperation many immigrants face as they leave their homes behind. Read more at The kNOw. 

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