That One Dreadful Day On The Bus

A first-hand account of a sexual assault and it’s aftermath: “He did many horrible acts to every girl in that class, but I was targeted the most.” A young  writer describes her experience in middle school, and the lasting trauma. Read their story at The kNOw.

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“Mulan” On VOD: How Disney Is Failing The Heroine And Representation

“Mulan” premiered on Disney+ this month, and fans were less than ecstatic. The film comes with controversy, from the lead actress’ support for the Hong Kong police to the steep paywall guarding the movie. “Asians around the world could have had their ‘Black Panther’ moment – a monumental moment – but they are being denied […]

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A Kanye West Fan, On Kanye West

Kanye West has made headlines recently for his controversial bid for the 2020 presidency. While some fans are quick to defend him, others find themselves alienated by his behavior. For longtime fan Enrique Little, the situation is a lot more complicated. “I think that all his antics over the years have been telltale signs of […]

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When Life Gets Canceled

As the coronavirus grew into a global pandemic, it quickly uprooted each of our definitions of what it meant to live a normal life. To be confined to our spaces watching the nation ultimately come to a jolting stop, we were forced to face the overwhelming and uncertain truth that life as we knew it […]

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Self-Care Across California

Given the stressful flood of coronavirus information circulating the news right now, we all could use a little self-care. Recently, California Youth Media Network partners AjA Project, We’Ced, The kNOw, Richmond Pulse, and YR Media documented in photos what self-care looks like for young people in their cities. See the photo gallery at YR Media.

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Not So Golden

There are lots of reasons to love the Golden State — from its stunning beaches and picturesque mountains to its entrepreneurial spirit, trailblazing laws and incredible diversity. But at what cost? “Not So Golden” offers a glimpse into how many California young adults are making it work. This California Youth Media Network project is a collaboration […]

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