Fresno State Considering Transition Back To Online Learning

Recent news about Fresno State possibly returning to online learning after the Thanksgiving break has sparked mixed emotions from students. Many are for this decision, but there is still a large population that disagree. Read more at The kNOw.

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Freshman Year of COVID

Online learning has been a challenge for everyone involved, but I doubt many people have thought about what it’s like entering high school completely online. Freshmen were in the last quarter of 8th grade when everything shut down, and are now about to enter sophomore year. I’ve come to think of my classmates as “COVID […]

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Social Media’s Trap

Social media has a strong influence in people’s lives. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook – these apps that can easily be found in handheld devices have become a source of one’s connection to others; it’s people’s way of being involved in the world without leaving their home. We see people on their devices constantly either checking who […]

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A Sea Of Thoughts

“These thoughts are filling up my mind like water fills the ocean void, and it will overflow in time; something I can never avoid.” A poem by Lorena Bernal. Read more at The kNOw.

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The Invisible Mixed Generation

We do not choose the circumstances of our birth, our race, our sex, our sexuality, or our gender. We do not choose who our parents, siblings or relatives are. Yet within society there is still the pervasive nature of colorism, racism, and discrimination. While many of these plights do get visibility with protests and movements, […]

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To Mask Or Not To Mask

With the advent and rapid distribution of various vaccines against COVID-19 and the rise of new variants, questions continue to rise regarding mask mandates. Are they required in different businesses? Who are they still recommended for? What steps should different groups of people take to continue preventing the spread of COVID-19? Marcos Chavez shares their […]

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The Forgotten West Fresno

West Fresno residents, who predominantly identify as Black and Hispanic in this low-income community, have been left vulnerable to odors and low air quality because of a large concentration of factories and dumpsites on that side of town. “The pungent smells drift to schools, homes, and workplaces, which is unappetizing and not ideal, especially during […]

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The New Genocide

The kNOw writer Marcos Chavez gives us his take on the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict: “Palestine has no true army, no true militant force of any kind, and yet somehow the world has the gall to call this conflict a war. The conflict is rocks against airstrikes. There is no war, this is far more aptly […]

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