Change Gon’ Come

‘Street Literature’, an award winning music video featuring RYSE youth, uses the power of narrative and counter-narrative to illuminate the pain felt by young people of color as judgment escaped those implicated in the deaths of young black men. “Change Con’ Come” is a follow up video focusing on young people’s struggles to make changes in their own lives and avoid the […]

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Richmond’s beauty

How much does your immediate environment affect your experience? Cityscapes in Richmond vary, from the waters of the marina to the train tracks to the Ohlone trail; all places where residents can escape. “When I’m in a beautiful place I feel good. You don’t have to worry about your struggles… You feel good about yourself, and you feel good about […]

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Ryse gallery: Daniel Tinajero

The RYSE center is full of young people who are rebooting their academic lives and contributing to the RYSE video gallery. Spotlight is on Daniel Tinajero, who makes videos and just reentered Contra Costa College, to pursue audio engineering and business administration.  Meet Daniel and see his work, on RYSE.

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RYSE: Youth Justice Department

The RYSE Center in Richmond, Ca., helps young people build skills to navigate the juvenile justice system — a system which many of them have already encountered in some way.  In this video from the RYSE Center, the youth staff explains how the Center’s Youth Justice Department trains young people to become advocates for change, […]

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Soda sucks?

Confessions of a soda drinker, in the midst of being converted. Richmond youth comedian and video artist William Haynes added his two cents to the RYSE Center and Richmond Pulse series on the soda wars. See the video on Richmond Pulse.

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Family acceptance

A new video featuring young people in Richmond speaking their minds about family’s support — or lack thereof — for different styles of dress, friends, and sexuality, by the RYSE Center.

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