Hard to live: a music video

In this music video, a young artist in Richmond talks about how writing and promoting his music keeps him on a positive path. He’s determined to stay focused, even though this world is hard to live in. Watch the music video, from Ryse Youth Center.

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Food Justice @ RYSE!

The garden at Richmond’s RYSE Center feeds youth participants and connects them to the Bay Area’s history of food justice dating back to the Black Panthers. “Food justice means giving someone something to eat. Not just here at RYSE, but anywhere.” Produced by the RYSE Center.

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Still I RYSE

A RYSE Youth Member talks about his experience of looking for family love, his rebellions and regrets, and how living in a new place is helping him find peace. The video was created for the InstaFilm Festival at RYSE.

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The Alphabet Group at RYSE

The Alphabet Group is that rare space in Richmond for LGBTQ and allies to meet, form a community and relate on common ground. “I like to learn about people’s experiences about LGBTQ because some of them don’t get a lot of respect in the community. I want to be that person that respects them and supports them, […]

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