Why Our Names Matter

Hearing his peers call small children “young pimp” or “killa” gets Asani Shakur thinking about the power of names. Citing Alex Haley’s “Roots” and naming this phenomenon “Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder,” he suggests alternative labels for African American children on Richmond Pulse.

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Language barrier makes Hmong parents in Fresno feel like ‘outcasts’

Hmong parents and community members gathered for a listening session where they weighed in on the debate over how local school districts should be allocating their state funds.  By the end of the discussion, the message was clear: a lack of translation services for Hmong speakers is the greatest barrier to that community’s engagement with […]

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The voices of undocuqueers

A conversation is underway about immigration policy’s impact on the undocumented. Less spoken about are those people who live between two shadows, being undocumented and L.G.B.T. — lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.  A video on this issue is on Voicewaves.

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Hunger among farmworkers’ children

Lack of access to fresh produce is one problem in farmworker communities. Another is changing young people’s eating habits. Jane Carretero, the daughter of farmworkers in Fresno, recorded her impressions for this audio diary. She admits that she’s addicted to junk food, and opts for McDonald’s on the way home instead of her mother’s more […]

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