YouthWire weighs in: sanctuary

The word sanctuary has taken on new power with the Trump administration’s aggressive stance on immigration enforcement. Youth reporters asked a cross section of peers from across California what sanctuary means to them.  “To me being a sanctuary is being in a place where people feel safe to be themselves regardless of their skin color, […]

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Poets of Fresno

The youth poetry scene in Fresno got a lift recently when Juan Felipe Herrera, a Central Valley native, became the first Latino U.S. Poet Laureate. Zyanna Maynard talks to other Fresno poets about the significance of Herrera’s being honored. “He explains how nerve racking life is and how soothing poetry can be for the heart and mind…. […]

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Reflections on Youth Advocacy Day 2015

A young advocate from Frenso recounts her recent trip with peers to Sacramento, where she visited historic sites, attended a workshop on self-transformation, and most importantly: talked to legislators.  “I learned about a proposed bill that requires that schools post an electronic rubric on their website, showing how much they spent and where they spent […]

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Police relations not just a black, urban issue

Distrust of law enforcement is not unique to Ferguson and New York City, but present in communities of color across the nation. Yet discussions of police misconduct in mainstream and social media sometimes characterize the problem as one that exists only between blacks and whites in urban areas – African Americans on one side, white officers on the other. Youth reporters in rural, […]

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With youth depression, peers are often ‘first responders’

Because young people may hesitate to seek help from adults or counselors when they experience depression, their friends often act as de-facto “first responders” for youth suffering from mental health problems. Some school programs in California seek to educate students and lay people about mental health, where in the past the subject has been left to specialists. “I remember being really worried that […]

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Parents applaud Common Core, but cite challenges

Recently-launched Common Core curricula aim to revamp how schools teach arts and math by placing greater emphasis on critical thinking, problem solving, real-world applications, and computer navigation — raising expectations for students to speak, write and understand English.  But overcoming barriers to involving parents requires aggressive outreach, especially to those parents who don’t speak English.  “They only used to say, two plus three is five, and […]

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