Activities with kids

Playing with your children isn’t just fun, it’s necessary for the development of their young minds. Teen parents, students at the Victoria Blended Community School in San Diego County, talk about doing activities like yoga and science experiments with their children. “My kids really enjoy doing this activity and they’re more helpful in the house.” […]

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Worry, nervousness and unease. Anxiety is the body’s natural response to danger and stress. Students with Victoria Blended Community School in San Diego County explore what causes anxiety and how to cope and feel better. “I would feel my body itch with desperation; I was getting tired and didn’t have any idea about how to […]

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Postpartum depression

A young mother describes how hopeless she felt after the birth of her daughter. But she took action and asked her doctor for help. “Now I feel so much better having my baby with me all the time . . . I love her a lot.” Watch the bilingual video produced by San Diego’s Media […]

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Domestic violence

A teen mother shares her experience with domestic violence. When asked if she could go back in time and give a message to her 15-year-old self, the young mother said: “I would tell her that she is beautiful and she needs to know her self worth.” Watch the video produced by the Media Arts Center. […]

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Stress management

Bills, childcare, budgets, school, jobs and other demands can cause a lot of stress. This video produced by students withe the Victoria Blended Community School in San Diego County combines ideas about how to combat stress with creative real-time sketches. Watch the video at Media Arts Center.  

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Anger management

When a young San Diego mother was herself a child, she smashed a bottle over her brother’s head. Once she saw him bleeding, the anger was replaced with the knowledge that she had done something wrong. Today she reflects on what she’s gained by seeking help managing her anger. “I look at my kids. Because […]

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Depression is more than a low mood. Students at the Victoria Blended Community School in San Diego County talk about what causes this serious condition and ways to help yourself, like exercising and getting enough sleep. One woman shared her personal experience realizing she had depression and what helped her come out on the other […]

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Stereotypes of a teen parent

Students at the Victoria Blended Community School in San Diego County are taking classes, raising children and fighting stereotypes about teen mothers. People have images of teen parents as irresponsible, promiscuous and uneducated. Youth reporters in San Diego spoke with young mothers about why those preconceived ideas are unfair. “I actually went back to school […]

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