Atlético East Bay Is First National Soccer League Pacific Champion

Supported in part by the California Arts Council and the City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture, Hoover High School’s Spring 2021 Journalism students produced short documentaries. Watch them all on Media Arts Center’s YouTube channel. 

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Masks are the best defense against the coronavirus, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In this student-produced video, Media Arts Center teens interview a doctor about the importance of masks during COVID-19. Read more at Media Arts Center.

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How COVID-19 Has Affected Youth Theater

Like many businesses affected by COVID-19, arts organizations have been hit hard, including youth theater organizations that saw productions totally halted. “It was the week before production week of ‘Lion King’ with BTAA … we basically had the show completely done … and then it ended because of COVID. We don’t know what’s gonna happen,” […]

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Distance Learning

Distance learning is hard enough, but for special ed teachers, educating from inside the home is nearly impossible. Their students often need extra support that’s hard to give over Zoom. “I feel like my hands are tied,” said Michelle Esposito, a resource specialist teacher in San Diego County. “Whereas before I would be teaching students […]

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A Rainbow In Crisis

In their latest documentary, Media Arts Center’s Teen Producers explore the causes and effects of LGBT youth homelessness. “LGBTQ high school students are about 3 times as likely to experience homelessness as their non LGBTQ peers,” says Susanne Terri, Homeless Liaison at the San Diego County Office of Education. “The most common reason for LGBTQ […]

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