Victory For Oregon Students: New “Mental Health Days”

Following high rates of suicide among high schoolers, Oregon passed a bill that could be a model for California. The bill allows teens to take time off from school for their mental health. It has been met with applause — but also criticism. Read more at Access Local TV.

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2018 TCE Youth Awards

In October, the California Endowment held their annual TCE Youth Awards, which celebrate and honor outstanding youth leaders, volunteers, and activists from across the state. “These youths are the leaders of tomorrow. These are the people who are going to be the change agents from 2020 to 2030.” Read more at Access Local TV.

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Youth Vote

In this episode of the AccessLocal.TV podcast, a group of young people discuss the importance of the youth vote, especially in light of the midterm elections. “It feels like a lot of youth don’t vote because old people look at us and think, ‘They’re too young, they don’t know what they’re doing.’” Read more at […]

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The Effectiveness of Suspending Suspensions

The “Building Healthy Communities” campaign has successfully addressed various issues in 14 distressed California communities. One of these issues was the high rates of student suspension, which correlates with dropping out of high school or getting arrested. “One extraordinary success was the campaign to reform school discipline policies that were throwing many thousands of kids […]

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