Caras Conocidas

A PSA by students from Instituto Altazor in Tijuana, Mexico on the issue of bullying. Part of the Anti-Bullying Through the Arts initiative, in partnership with the San Diego International Children’s Film Festival. See the video from Media Arts Center

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‘Families Belong Together’ Rally in Sacramento California

As new revelations begin to highlight the systematic separation of children from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border, cities across the nation have erupted into protest. One of these cities was Sacramento, where protestors gathered to voice their concern with the Trump administration’s separation policies. “I’m really happy about the unity and the thousands, if […]

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Who Am I?

“Who am I?” It’s a question that many people, especially teenagers, have asked themselves. Fresno’s Maria Torres believes she has found the answer, and she shares it through a video. “Maybe I’m not just one thing. Maybe one word or stereotype doesn’t define me. Maybe I could be many things. Or maybe I could just […]

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