March for Our Lives Fresno

Like other cities across the country, Fresno hosted an anti-gun violence protest on March 24 as part of March for Our Lives. Now, the Fresno community organizers are using the momentum from that event to attract greater attention for the issue. “We will be the generation that ends mass shootings.” Read more at the kNOw.

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Instagram, Not So Picture Perfect

In the age of social media, anyone can cultivate a misleading online presence. For Youth Radio’s Olivia Monforte, she’s started to realize just how manipulative this identity can be. “When I scroll through my Instagram feed of all the trendy and wild people I follow, sometimes it’s hard to remember that they probably embellish their […]

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“Food Stamps” Shown to Make People More Healthy

New studies are showing that Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs, once called “food stamps,” provides people with more healthy options that can positively affect those too poor to buy healthy food. These health benefits can impact anyone from growing children to pregnant women. “By making nutrition assistance more available to low-income communities, researchers predict, SNAP can […]

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Getting Woke With My Mom

Each new generation brings with it newer and hopefully more accepting ideologies. Youth Radio’s Sierra Fang-Horvath explains cultural and generational differences have led to a clash of beliefs between her and her mother. “The problem with my mom isn’t hate; it’s lack of awareness.” Read more at Youth Radio.

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