Chevron Oil Spill Is Under Investigation

Richmond, California residents and government officials are alarmed after Chevron leaked 500 gallons of petroleum products into the San Francisco Bay February 9th. California State Assembly member Buffy Wicks says she plans to introduce a bill to increase fines and penalties against corporations guilty of harmful negligence against the environment. Meanwhile, Richmond residents are concerned […]

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Unapologetically Women

A poem written by JaNell Gore that unpacks the pressure society places on women to do things a certain way and challenges that notion by proclaiming: she will do as she pleases, unapologetically. Check out the piece at Kern Sol News. 

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Behind Our Masks

#BehindOurMasks sheds an important light on how #COVID-19 is affecting young Californians’ everyday lives. From education, to family, to employment, this pandemic has deeply impacted the younger generation, particularly young people of color who are experiencing a different reality than what is being shared in the mainstream media. This project is in collaboration between Boyle […]

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