Social Distancing

In order to slow the spread of coronavirus, states, counties and cities all across the nation are encouraging social distancing, affecting the jobs and financial stability of many. Access Local TV spoke with two Sacramento citizens about their feelings around this new practice. Hear what they have to say at Access Local TV. 

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Be Counted: 2020 Census

For Census Day 2020, the California Youth Media Network highlighted stories from those on the front lines across the state who are working to make sure each Californian is counted. Read more from Richmond Pulse, South Kern Sol and YR Media. 

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For Us, By Us: A ‘Gentefied’ Review

“Gentefied” is Netflix’s new original series about one family’s struggle to stay in a changing neighborhood. “This show is incredibly well-structured, hilariously relatable, and necessary for us (“us” meaning the young and diverse Latinx American population). We need representation of our Mexican-American community, to see the realities that people endure — it’s one thing to read […]

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Living In Crisis Has Been People’s ‘Normal’ For Generations; Why Wait For Pandemic To Do Something About It?

For many marginalized communities, living in fear of a financial crisis is nothing new, so why are at-risk families just now getting assistance? Marivel Servin breaks down the ways in which our government has failed those working in essential services, and why a pandemic might just be the wake-up call America needs. Read Marivel’s commentary […]

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Coronavirus Comes To Campus

For some of us, campus is home, or at least where we get meals and connect with our chosen families. But social distancing is the only option. So we’re taking to Twitter, TikTok and Instagram to stay connected and share our lives, using hashtags like #quarantime, #quarantineinsixwords and #quarantinelife. We’ve mapped our reactions to those […]

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Self-Care Across California

Given the stressful flood of coronavirus information circulating the news right now, we all could use a little self-care. Recently, California Youth Media Network partners AjA Project, We’Ced, The kNOw, Richmond Pulse, and YR Media documented in photos what self-care looks like for young people in their cities. See the photo gallery at YR Media.

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