Have Face Coverings In Kern Become A Thing Of The Past? Health Experts Say Masks Can Help Flatten The Curve

A group, mostly against the 2020-21 Bakersfield City budget, spoke before the Bakersfield City Council meeting Wednesday in the chambers that was mostly empty as distancing was practiced due to the coronavirus pandemic. The budget would increase the Bakersfield Police Department budget about 10 percent allowing the department to add 44 new positions. In public comment that lasted about an hour, most of the speakers were in favor of defunding the police. Some asking that the vote to approve the $630 million budget should at least be delayed and time set aside to discuss the $119.9 million BPD portion of the budget. An overflow crowd gathered outside the chambers watching the meeting on a television screen. After discussion the Bakersfield City Council, without opposition, approved the $630 million budget for 2020-21. Photos by Henry A. Barrios for Kern Sol News.

When Delia Ramos visited Bakersfield, she was shocked to see how few residents were wearing masks. “When picking up groceries, I was only part of a few people wearing a mask because it wasn’t required. In Clovis, it isn’t required either, but people still wore their masks,” said Ramos. As COVID numbers rise, public health officials urge residents to continue using face coverings in public spaces across the state, but compliance depends on where you live. Read the full story at South Kern Sol.

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