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Governor Brown speaks to UFW, promises wall to keep Trump out of California

California Governor Jerry Brown gave a speech last month to a United Farm Workers convention in Bakersfield, and applauded California’s progress in the area of farmworkers’ rights. He took the opportunity to object to Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric. “He wants Mexico to build a wall … and what I say is if Trump is elected – which he won’t be – I’ll build a wall to keep him out of California!” Youth reporter Randy Villegas covered the event for South Kern Sol.


One comment on “Governor Brown speaks to UFW, promises wall to keep Trump out of California

  1. Gavin
    August 4, 2016

    Funny. These voices of the youth need one thing that’s similar to what they need in general life. Parenting. You can’t shove bias lies and opinions down the liberal media and not expect delusional millennials and young children to fight uneducated in protests that no-one is asking for. Brown said a foolish thing about Trump (despite that he’ll never win). We should expect more from Brown and stop him from poisoning kids with stupid promises. Instead of giving it to the public like that, he should encourage conscientious research and for one’s self to look into their own information. Seems Like the ones spreading hate here are the ones hating on Trump. He is so misunderstood, and one of the aspects being illegal immigration. #HispanicsForTrump

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