A million Californians could benefit from Prop 47 — if they act fast

An estimated one million Californians could get their felony convictions reduced to misdemeanors under Proposition 47, the Safe Neighborhood and Schools Act, which passed last November. Nonviolent offenders eligible for felony reduction will have opportunities for jobs, loans and housing assistance previously unavailable to them. But Prop 47 is a three-year program, and eight months have already passed — leaving community advocates and public defenders scrambling to spread the word. “A million people can be affected by Prop 47, a million people that are back in the game, back in line… Prop 47 is a door opener. It will take a person who was convicted of a felony, reduce them of that burden and allow them to move forward, changing the economic conditions of the family and the lifestyle.” Read more on Coachella Unincorporated.


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